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Fundraising with Corks

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Why choose Corks?

Fundraise with our delectable and wholesome gourmet popcorn varieties and comprehensive resource kit, that will make it fun and easy to reach your campaign goals.

  • 50% profit on all items
  • No money upfront
  • Available any time of the year
  • Mouth-watering flavors


"The Original" Kettle Corn

Our Original sweet and salty kettle corn might be the best you have ever put in your mouth! It's lightly glazed and kissed with salt. Our popcorn is always made one batch at a time with the freshest ingredients on the planet.


You'll be amazed how we captured the experience of enjoying a homemade Snicker Doodle cookie. Enjoy our Original Kettle Corn with a cinnamon blend, snicker doodle twist.

Old Fashioned Caramel

Perfection. Once you have had our buttery Old Fashioned Caramel corn, there really is no going back! We use real cream, butter, and pure cane sugar in each small batch.

Simply Salted

If you love popcorn-truly love popcorn-welcome to our simply salted popcorn, It's farm fresh popcorn with the perfect amount of salt. At 33 calories per cup, it's the kind of snack everyone can enjoy.

Cheddar Cheese

Rich, farm-fresh cheddar covers each tender mouth-watering kernel of our gourmet Cheddar Cheese popcorn. It's 100% habit forming. We guarantee you've never tasted better cheddar.

White Cheddar Cheese

Our White Cheddar Cheese popcorn is made in small batches. Big fluffy kernels are popped to tender perfection are are covered in savory white cheddar cheese. Try it once and you will not just be a fan, but a fanatic.

Cheesy Jalapeño

Take your tastebuds on a journey through the blaze of real hearty white cheddar cheese and tingly little bits of Jalapeño chili peppers. A given to spice up your night.

Buffalo Wing

If you can't resist a piping-hot bowl of Buffalo Wings drizzled in ranch, you'll fall in love with this pop. Want to impress your friends at the next tailgate? Try our Buffalo Wing!

We are fully booked for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Fundraising Season. All inquires will be for 2023 Summer/Fall.

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