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Fundraising with Corks


Why choose Corks?

We began making popcorn at the local Farmer's Market in Statesboro, Georgia. Through the years, we have been given the opportunity to sell our product nationwide, but we never lost sight of where we came from. Fundraising is one of the ways we attempt to stay connected to our community. We love to help our local schools/organizations raise money while, in turn, sharing our love of popcorn with anyone possible!

  • 50% profit on all items
  • No money upfront
  • Available any time of the year
  • 10 Mouth-watering flavors


Kettle Corn

The "OG" Popcorn - Lightly Glazed with sugar and kissed with salt. This popcorn will satisfy your sweet tooth and every salty craving!


Our kettle popcorn with a twist. This one is also cooked in a sugar glaze but sprinkled with a blend of cinnamon and spices then salted to perfection. Tastes just like the cookie!


Made with real butter, pure cane sugar, and molasses - our caramel knocks all others out of the park!

Simply Salted

AKA "Movie Theatre" Popcorn: It's simple but delicious. This popcorn is oil-popped and salted to taste with a butter flavored salt.

Cheddar Cheese

Rich, farm-fresh cheddar cheese on a salted base. Our cheddar is addicting - you just gotta try it.

White Cheddar Cheese

A lightly salted popcorn drizzled with our rich and creamy white cheddar cheese - You'll love it. Trust us. 

Cheesy Jalapeño

Our white cheddar popcorn sprinkled with little bits of jalapeño peppers for just the right amount of spice. 

NEW Buffalo Ranch

The perfect combination of ranch popcorn and spicy buffalo. If you like to dip buffalo wings in ranch - this is for you!

NEW Cookies N' Cream

A kettle base drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed oreos. Need we say more?

NEW Fried Pickle

A white cheddar base sprinkled with dill pickle seasoning. A perfect combination of a tangy pickle with cheese to balance it out.

Commonly Asked Questions

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